Exterior Maintenance

Exterior and Façade

  EIFS Repair

  Signage Penetration & Damage Repair

  Wall Expansion Joint Maintenance

  Exterior Caulking

  Tuck Pointing

  Bird Stop

  Metal Flashing Repair

  Downspouts & Collector Head Maintenance

  Graffiti Removal

Roof Repairs

  Repairs to Roof Systems (That are not currently under manufacturer’s warranty)

  Roof Maintenance & Inspection

EPA Compliant Power Washing/Soft Washing

  Hot Water Power Washing

  Soft washing (600 PSI and under)

  Hard Surface & Dumpster Pad Cleaning

  Commercial Roof Washing

  Graffiti Removal


Gutter Cleaning & Downspout Cleaning
Parking Lot

  Crack Filling

  Black Top Sealing

  DuraShield, Coal Tar, Asphalt Emulsion


  Curb Painting

  Cold Patching

  Ballard Replacement / Installation

  Sign Management (Stop Signs, etc.)

  Parking Lot Light Maintenance

  Parking Stops

  Surface Drain Maintenance

  Dumpster Pad Management

  Gates, Ballards, Painting, Power Washing


  Surface Grinding (Trip Hazard Abatement)

  Expansion Joints


  Street Bonding

  Hand Rail Maintenance

  Awnings Maintenance (Bird Stop, etc.

Building Maintenance


  Fixture & LED change outs

  Parking Lot & Security Light Maintenance

  Lighting Maintenance Plan Interior and Exterior

Plumbing Repair

  Fixture Repair

  Clog Removal

  Jetting Lines up to 4 inches

  Scope Lines with Still and Video

Drywall & Historic Plaster Repair
Interior & Exterior Painting

  Waterproofing options available


  Acoustical Tile Replacement

  System Installation


  Cleaning (Up to 2 stories)

  Glass Replacement

  Emergency Board-Up


  Automatic Closers

  Hinge Maintenance

  Crash Bars

  Kick Plates and Sweeps


  Installation – All Types

  Refinishing – Surfacing

  Concrete Repair & Resurfacing

  Epoxy Flooring


  Preventative Maintenance

  Filter Replacement (Regularly Scheduled)

  Coil Cleaning

  Pan & Trap Cleaning

  Duct Cleaning

Building Control Systems

Coordinating Services

  Security Systems / Camera Systems

  Life, Health & Safety Systems

  Elevator Maintenance

  Fire Extinguishers

  Backflow Prevention inspection

  Exhaust Hood Cleaning

  Sprinkler Control Systems

  IT Infrastructure